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September 9 at 9:30 a.m. - Dr Janice Elmhirst :
Blight Night: The rise of plant pathogens, from our gardens to our food baskets, in a time of climate change and global trade.

Plant pathogens and the diseases they cause, have been with us since the dawn of time.  For centuries, new, devastating pathogen strains have emerged to attack food and ornamental plants. Climate change and increasing global trade means those aggressive pathogens are emerging more rapidly and spreading more quickly, affecting everything from the flowers in our gardens to the food we eat.  In this presentation, Dr. Janice Elmhirst, President of the Canadian Phytopathological Society, 2013-14, will introduce us to the new plant pathogens affecting our home gardens and our food supply.

If you have found ‘impatiens downy mildew ‘ or ‘rose downy mildew’ in your garden, please bring a sample (will illustrate Janice’s talk).  And if there is something on your plant that has you puzzled, bring it along too.

October 9th , 7:30 pm with Jo Canning : "How to Protect & Rejuvenate Soil Over Winter "

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Did You Know: in 2013 we donated funds to several worthy causes?

Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden for Educational Programs  $1,000
Kwantlen Polytechnic University bursury to be used towards a scholarship for thier Horticulture Program $1,000
Our own Healing Gardens Outreach Programs $1,500 - these funds were dispersed between various projects in the lower mainland.
VanDusen Botanical Garden Educational Programs $5,000


Joint Meetings with Guides will no longer be possible: After careful consideration, the Guide Leadership Team decided that  to dispense with the joint meetings at this time. "We have enjoyed them in the past but they are becoming more difficult for our small group to organize in a way that would be truly beneficial and of interest to both groups.We went through a major reorganization last year which has affected the way we plan our education programs. The routine of hosting a joint meeting every second year will complicate our scheduling."

About Us

The Vancouver Master Gardeners ( previously known since the mid 1980's as the Master Gardeners Association of BC ) was established in 2009. The Vancouver MGs are remain affiliated with the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association and are now under the umbrella of the MGABC Provincial Association.

What do Vancouver Master Gardeners do?

The Vancouver Master Gardeners support the mission of MGABC by:

  • providing Master Gardeners with educational opportunities about gardening and environmentally responsible gardening practices
  • having Master Gardeners respond to questions in garden centres, farmers markets and community events across the Lower Mainland and on the Sunshine Coast.
  • staffing the VanDusen Botanical Garden Plant Information Line, writing for local papers, and speaking to community groups
  • participating in a variety of community projects including assistance with horticultural therapy programs in hospitals and other institutions, working with students and teachers in local schools, and supporting “greening” projects in community parks and public spaces.

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