The Sir Charles Tupper Greenway, which is the length of one city block, was planted in March 2008.  The Greenway was created as a Healing Garden following the tragic death of a young Filipino boy on the school grounds in 2003.  The Greenway is maintained by a group of dedicated community members and students from the Tupper School. Master Gardeners assist the community on Monthly Community Gardening Days by giving advice on general gardening practices, pruning guidelines, new planting plans and how to deal with any plants that are not thriving.  Gardening Days are March - November usually Saturdays 10.00am - 1.00pm but other week days are possible.  The Master Gardeners (Healing Garden Committee) have already created maintenance manuals as a reference.

The Tupper Greenway is the location for the Annual Vancouver Greenways Plant Swap


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