The Master Gardeners Association of BC (MGABC) is mandated to provide quality and leading edge education on sustainable gardening practices to the general public. As a governance body, we are committed to improving the educational opportunities for our members in order for them to be well prepared to respond to challenging questions and issues, in our ever changing gardening world.

Through your generous donations, we will endeavour to meet this mandate.

The MGABC is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency under Business Number 85668 5482 RR001 for income tax puposes  As a 'Not for Profit' association, the MGABC is comprised of affiliated chapters within BC that volunteer as educators in providing information and demonstrating environmentally responsible practices at a number of different venues.

Your donation may be made directly to the governing Provincial Council or to an affiliated Chapter in your community. Donations earmarked for an affiliated chapter will be allocated in accordance with the donor's instructions for the benefit of that chapter.

Official Donation Receipts for Tax Purposes will be issued for donations in the amount of $25.00 or greater.

MGABC has a Privacy Officer responsible for the association's privacy policy and all donor information collected is treated in accordance with this policy. We keep information strictly confidential and do not sell  information to any other organization.

Thank you for your generosity and support for the MGABC.

May 2011

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